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Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by my website how to build a website free dot com. I am starting a business as an affiliate marketer because I’m a stay at home mom. I have had some hard times in my life and I want to make a difference in my life and my children’s lives to better our situation and maybe live a little easier. This is not a get rich program in a day or two weeks you have to put hard work in but you can make a comfortable living, you can also be very wealthy at working as an affiliate marketer but again you have to work hard.

This Is My Story

About Dorrie H., me that is, I have three beautiful sons their ages range from 13 my youngest to 20 my oldest and the middle one is 18. Thirteen years ago my husband passed away of esophageal and pancreatic cancer, yes our youngest was only 7 months old when he died. My husband woke up one morning he had a meeting to attend for work. It was only supposed be an hour but he woke me up before he left and showed me a lump on his neck we both were like what the heck is that, by the time he left and then came back home their were eight of them like a big ball of them on the side of his neck.

We made an appointment for him at the doctors and they got him in the next day and did a throat scope on him, they said they would call in a week or so to let him know the results. Well it wasn’t a week, they had called the next day saying it was cancer but said it’s not the bad kind. We were thinking okay they said not the bad kind so maybe surgery or something would take care of it and everything will be fine. A couple days later we made an appointment with an oncologist, we didn’t know our lives would change forever that day, but it did.

We get to his appointment and instead of a normal doctors room they put us in a room with a couch and told us to have a seat. We sat down and put our three month old on the floor in between us he was still in his car seat. The doctor looked at us and asked how old our baby was and we said three months and have two others at home one was 5 and the other was 7 they were in school at the time. The doctor looked at us and said you won’t see them graduate, we looked at each other and looked back at the doctor and I said what. We were like is something wrong with you and he said it again, my husband and I were like what the heck are you talking about.

He was starting to figure out that the previous doctor didn’t tell us anything. He said you’re terminal I can’t say how long you have to live because if I tell you it will be a year you could pass in two weeks if I say two weeks it could be a year. We were still looking confused and shocked I said the doctor in our town said it’s not the bad kind. He said what and everything drained right out of him, he had to tell us that my husband was going to die and assuming the previous doctor told us that and he thought we knew he started apologizing for the statements he made because that was a punch in the gut finding out that way.

Four months later my husband passed away and our lives changed in a blink of an eye. Fast forward thirteen years. I myself have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I’m currently living with it today. The thyroid controls so much in our bodies. Having been diagnosed with thyroid cancer it caused thyroid autoimmune diseases that attack my body so that brings me to why I joined the online world for a business. Yes their are so many scams out their believe me they have hooked me a couple of times.


You Found A Home

I’m trying to help honest people find an honest income. As I said before their are so many scams out their and it took me a long time to actually find a place that was honest and tried to help you instead of taking you’re last dollar out of you’re pocket and those kinds of people sleep good at night.

I am an affiliate marketer but with that being said this site is to try to direct you to a place where you can build a business and teach you everything about being an affiliate marketer step by step and yes you can join and see for yourself. You can literally build you’re own website in thirty seconds and they even host it as well. There is so much more to Wealthy Affiliate than that. I know firsthand that it is not a joke or a scam because they offer those things for free. If you like you can join for a small monthly fee but you don’t have to. Again you can be the judge and it is free. All I can tell you from my experience is that if you’re looking for a home with amazing people you found one at Wealthy Affiliate.



The goal of my site is to help anyone I can to point them in the right direction in starting a business for themselves, and to not be taken advantage of from people who are deceptive and scammers when innocent people are trying to make a life for their families and themselves. I appreciate you stopping by my website and reading my story.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Dorrie H.


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