Best Small Business To Start

The Best small business to start, do you have ideas to start a business? In this article I will provide you with some recommendations of some of the best small businesses to start and if you don’t really like any of the ones I recommend if you have your own ideas and you are passionate about them, all I can say is go for it. I can provide you with a place to start for no cost, a legit place to build a free website, and so much more. All you have to do is believe in yourself and watch your dreams become reality.

Best Small Business To Start

These are in no particular orders, and most of these I recommend, you can start for free with no money, or very little.

1. Accountants: There are many businesses that need accountants, you can start your own company and create a free website all at no cost.

2. Bookkeeping: Again as above there’s lots of company’s that need bookkeepers and both accountants and bookkeeping pay very well.

3. Social Media Influencer: Very easy business to start and at no cost

4. Tutor and Coaching: Great small business start. Lots of people need tutoring and coaching, you can start both of these at no cost.

5. Selling and Buying Used Items: Build a free website and start earning revenue. Buy and sell on places like EBay, or Etsy.

6. Dropshipping: This is a very easy business to start and at no cost, plus you don’t have to deal with the products stacking up in you house and don’t have to worry about packaging and running to mail anything because your the middle man/woman.

7. Freelance Writer: If you like writing and your good at it, this business you can make great money and start at no cost build a website and blog advertise your services and you can start all of it for free.

8. Freelance Editors: Again If you like to read and write and have great grammar this is a great business to start.

9. Cleaning Services: Very easy business to start and offer your services indoors and outdoors earn more revenue. This business you can start for very little cost.

10. Affiliate Marketer: There’s millions of affiliate marketer programs out there to join and this business you can start all for free sell other people’s products and earn commissions. Build your own business for free.

11. Mobile Hair Dresser: Make excellent money going mobile, especially with this pandemic you can build a huge clientele.

12. Dog Grooming Mobile: Again make excellent money doing this.

These are just some ideas of the best small business to start. If you have your own ideas, I suggest you start them and live your dreams. What do you have to lose? All of these I have mentioned you can start with little to no cost at all. What’s even better I’m going to recommend where all this can happen for you, let’s get started.

How To Start Free Website

I’m providing you with a place on where and how to start free website, yes free! This place comes with so much it would be impossible for you not become the best business owner and entrepreneur you can be, with everything that’s provided to you all at no cost.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website URL:

Price: Starter Member $0.00

Everything Starter Memberships come with, you won’t be disappointed.

1. One Site free domain

2. Website Builder

3. Live Hosting: All at no cost right on platform no need to go anywhere else.

4. Generate Press Theme: One of the best themes around.

5. Site Speed Performance Boost

6. Hosting Speed: Fast

7. Bot Net Protection

8. Website Installs: 1 Free

9. Duplicate Content Checker: Right on platform.

10. Core Certification Course: 10 Lessons.

11. Bandwidth: 1000 Visits.

12. DDoS Protection

13. Security Package

14. Analysis

15. SSL

16. Affiliate Bootcamp: 10 Lessons.

17. Personal Affiliate Blog

18. Training Modules: 50

19. Video Walk-Throughs

20. Keyword Research Tool: 30 free searches monthly

21. Affiliate Program Search: Over 10,000 right on platform.

22. Earn While You Learn

23. Affiliate Program: Starter member 1 x Commissions.

24. Server Class: Amazon c4. Large

25. Training Classrooms: 2

26. Program Cost: $ 0/month

Can you believe you get all of this at no cost? I can, the Wealthy Affiliate training, class rooms, community, the best WordPress, the site speed and hosting alone would cost around five hundred dollars monthly anywhere else, but it comes free with your free website and everything in the list above all at no cost.

They don’t even require you to put a credit card in that is how free it is. When people advertise for free and then at some point in the sign up they want some sort of credit card to get your free stuff. Wealthy Affiliate does not and that is how you really no that it is not a scam, that they are a true and honest place to start a business for yourself.


Wealthy Affiliate does offer so much more, and if you want more than just one business for a small monthly fee you can join a premium, or yearly membership but you can decide for yourself. Just go check it out and see what I’m talking about.

I want to tell you how important it is that you follow your dreams. We don’t want to regret the what if’s and the if only I had tried, because the opportunity right before us, can make that happen all at no cost. There is not one reason not to try because it is all free.

I’m going to wrap this article up for today. I thank you so much for stopping by my website and if you have any questions at all please leave them at the bottom of this page and I will get back with you.

Thank You,

Dorrie H.

Until Next Time

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  1. thank you again for the information i think i’m going to start a website and try the starter membership thanks again

    1. Thank You Coleton for stopping by my website and all I can say is you won’t regret your decision and I will see you there as your personal coach

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