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Today you are going to be amazed on how easy it is to start a business of your own and start earning an income. All you need to do is keep reading my article on how to Create Free Online Website and by the end of this you can have a free website up and running within 30 seconds.

WordPress Website

Back about 20 years ago to even try creating and building a website was very difficult and technical. You needed expensive software and needed to have programming skills and a fairly decent computer to even create a not so great crappy website.

Then in 2005 Kyle and Carson built and created an amazing platform that trains and teaches you step by step how to create a website and a successful business of your own.

In 2010, they came up with this website builder called WordPress Express where it literally builds a WordPress website in 30 seconds, not only does it build your website in 30 seconds, you would also need hosting, security for your website, speed for your website so when people are searching the internet and they land on your website it loads fast.

We all know if your website doesn’t load fast most people won’t wait for it to load they will just go to another website and we don’t want that because we lose business. So what I’m getting at is you need all of these things to build and run a website.

On this training platform called Wealthy Affiliate the owners provide all of these things wrapped up in one where all you have to do is pick your domain name and as a free starter member you get one for free, then pick your WordPress theme and they also provide one for free just for signing up, and then click build your website and in 30 seconds it’s live up and running with site speed and security plus top of the line hosting to the world all at no cost just to join as a free member.

It really is that easy and the great part is you don’t have to be a programmer or have any technical skills and the way they set this up it’s all mobile friendly you can literally start a business and website on your cellphone, laptop and computer and you can do this anywhere in the world because Wealthy Affiliate is global.

Just so you can see the proof where I’m not just telling you about it. Here is a video Walkthrough so you can see for yourself.

Make WordPress Website In 30 Seconds

You Can Too

So you really can create free online website and business of your very own. Don’t worry if you have no idea of how to start your own business, because on this platform they have step by step instructions and training, plus video Walkthroughs, Classrooms, and everything you would ever need to learn to start your very own business and website and build a profitable business earning money for yourself and family for years to come.

No more 9-5, no more living paycheck to paycheck, no more bosses, you will be your own boss create your own hours earn as much as you want from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you choose to work from.

That is how amazing this training platform is and if again your not good with computers or don’t know how to run a business don’t worry by the end of your training you will know everything.

When I signed up and joined I had know idea about any of this and now I have four websites and now I’m building my businesses.

Yes I said four websites, because if you love this platform and I think you will, you can upgrade to a premium member and WA hosts and provides ten websites if you sign up as premium plus even more training and lessons and classrooms all for a small monthly fee. If you sign up as premium you will receive a few bonus’s as well.

Your first bonus is your first month is discounted at nineteen dollars and your second bonus you get me as a private coach and you get access to a community of over 2 million members that have the same goals as you that can answer any questions or help you along the way at any time 24/7/365 days a year so you can build your amazing business and become a successful entrepreneur.

So if I can do this you can too, and I know this is a big step that is why WA offers you a free starter member and a free WordPress website and ten free entrepreneur certification lessons and ten free affiliate bootcamp lessons, and 2 classrooms, and website builder, and WordPress theme and so much more just for signing up.

They are literally after 18 years in business still the number one training platform and program in the world and to be offered all of this for free has to say something about this program. There’s thousands of successful stories that you can read right on the platform and those people are still their helping other members to be successful today.

Click Here Free Starter Sign Up

Just A Few

Here are just a few things that you will be learning that WA offers in their training alone. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, so when we build a website and our business we will be promoting products on our websites to earn an income.

There are millions of websites on the internet and you need to have your website rank in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to get people to come to your site and buy your products.

SEO, is one of the lessons in WA and it teaches you how to write content and reviews on your products so people will come to your website and beat out all the other websites out their.

That is where SEO, is very important it teaches you how to search for keywords to get Indexed in the search engines and rank in the search engines and have the content you write getting put on page one of the search engines. What is so cool about this you don’t even have to be a writer.

I had never written anything like an article in my life before I joined WA and went through the training and of course if you’re reading this article, I was taught from the lessons they provide you with and this is just one of the courses.

You will learn how to design your website, how to run your website yourself in the back office of your WordPress website, you will learn to write content to sell products, you will learn how to become an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer, and sell other people’s products and earn commissions off of them, you will be taught how to create your own brand and logos for your website, you will learn how to put privacy policies and disclaimers with templates already set up for you on the platform you just add them to your website.

There is so much training on this platform their is no possible way to fail if you go through all the training provided. You will become a successful business owner and be taught to make an excellent income from home for the rest of your life.

I could go on forever about how amazing and awesome this training platform and community is, because that is how great it is, but I think you should go check out this place for yourself and I have provided you with a link in blue just click on it and it will take you to the sign up page or if you watch the video their will be a sign up page provided as well.


I hope you enjoyed this article Create Free Online Website and if you have any questions on the video I have provided or any questions about this article that I can help and answer please leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer them or help you any way I can and I hope you decided to create and build your website and start your own business. Start creating your journey and dreams today.

Thank You,

Dorrie H.

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