Create My Own Website Free

Do you want to create a website? In this article I will be explaining how to create my own website free, not only how to create it, I will provide you with the tools to create my own website free and the place to create your website. Yes I said free, no cost, zilch, nada. Then you can be on your way to an amazing business you created of your very own all for free. Let’s get started, shall we?

Create My Own Website Free

There are only four steps to creating your own website. 1. First step to create my own website free, sign up to Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter member, just a little side note after your website is up and running live hosting right on their platform wealthy affiliate has video and Classrooms to train you on becoming an entrepreneur, certification lessons and step by step instructions.

Then the fun part begins you get to create and design your own website, how cool is that? You will need to pick your niche, this is going to be the most important part of starting your business and your niche is going to be your domain name of your business or pretty close to it.

For example say your niche is dog beds you wouldn’t want your website name to be Easy Money or something like that because you will probably not be getting any sales on your website because if someone was looking for dog beds they wouldn’t search online for Easy Money, to get to dog beds.

That is why your domain name is going to be along the lines of your niche. Also, when picking your niche you will want to be passionate about it because you will be creating content about it to bring organic traffic to your website and organic traffic will bring you an audience and then sales to your business.

Try to narrow your niche to something specific, something unique that not many people are doing, this will help your business flourish and it will target more specific audiences with it to help you sell your products better and earn yourself revenue.

2. Second step to create my own website free, you will enter your domain name on the free website builder platform at Wealthy Affiliate. It literally builds your website in under a minute up and running live hosting all at no cost.

3. Third step you will pick the free top of the line generate press, theme Wealthy Affiliate provides. It’s one of the best themes around and it is awesome.

4. Fourth step, now you have your domain name typed in to your free website builder and you have your free generate press theme picked, last step click build website and watch your business come alive right before your eyes all for no cost.

Next I’m going to explain everything that comes with your free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Yes everything is free no credit card required no tricks you will receive all this at no cost all you do is sign up as a starter member.

They do offer premium and yearly memberships but I will get to that later.

Free starter member

  1. Free starter member and what all comes with it.
  2. Price: $ 0.00/month
  3. Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  4. Site Domain: 1
  5. Free Website Installs: 1
  6. Training Modules: 50 + Training Classrooms: 2
  7. Personal Affiliate Blog
  8. Keyword Research Tools: Jaxxy 30 Searches Month
  9. Core Certification Course: Lessons 10
  10. Affiliate Bootcamp: Lessons 10
  11. Live Hosting: Hosting Speed Fast
  12. Security Package + SSL + Analysis
  13. Site Speed Performance Boost
  14. Duplicate Content Checker
  15. Server Class: Amazon c4.large
  16. Affiliate Program Search: Over 10,000 right on platform
  17. Bandwidth: 1,000 visits
  18. Botnet Protection + DDoS Protection
  19. Video Walk-Throughs
  20. Website Builder + Generatepress Theme

Affiliate Program: 1 x Commissions, Earn While You Learn, All of this is free as a starter member

Premium Membership

    1. Premium Member: $ 49.00/monthly As a premium membership your first month is discounted at $ 19.00
    2. Website Builder + Over 4,000 Themes to choose from on Wealthy Affiliate platform
    3. Security Package + SSL
    4. Hosting Speed: Extreme
    5. Website Installs: 10
    6. Live Hosting + Host Your Own Domains Right on the platform
    7. Duplicate Content Checker + Automated Image Compressions
    8. Site Speed Performance Boost
    9. High Resolution Image Database
    10. Analysis + Server Class: Amazon c4.large (Dual Servers)
    11. Feedback Platform + Engagement Platform
    12. 24/7/365 Website Support
    13. Live 24/7 Help: Unlimited + Private Coaching
    14. Owners Kyle and Carson Private Access
    15. Accelerated Help + Intergraded Training Help
    16. Networking Capabilities + Bandwidth: 500,000 visits
    17. Website Backups: Yes Daily
    18. Instant DNS
    19. Botnet Protection + DDOS Protection
    20. Core Certification Course: Lessons 50
    21. Affiliate Bootcamp: Lessons 70
    22. Personal Affiliate Blog
    23. Weekly Live Video Classes: Unlimited
    24. Training Modules: 1,000 +
    25. Live Class Database: Yes 400+
    26. Video Walk-Throughs
    27. Training Classroom: 13
    28. Jaxxy Keyword Research Tool: Unlimited Searches
  1. Competition Analysis + Site Rank Tracking
  2. Brainstorm Engine + Alphabet Soup Technique
  3. Keyword List Management
  4. Niche Keyword Lists
  5. Affiliate Program Search: Over 10,000 on platform
  6. Affiliate Program Management
  7. Affiliate Program: 2 x Commissions Earn While You Learn
  8. Train Cash Credit Program + Site Comment Cash Program
  9. Supper Affiliate Incentive: Earn Trip To Las Vegas All paid
  10. Program Price: $ 49.00 monthly again first month discount $19.00

Las Vegas Supper Affiliate Conference

If you join the Wealthy Affiliate program: you would be promoting Wealthy Affiliate as an Affiliate Marketer and you will earn great commissions promoting wealthy affiliate, if you refer 300 premium members in a calendar year, you earn an invitation to hang with the owners Kyle and Carson plus all the affiliate marketers who achieved their referrals to an all paid conference to Las Vegas, yes I said all paid!

Commissions Revenue You Earn

For a referral premium membership is $49.00 monthly, your commissions off that as a premium member is $23.50 and a commission off of a yearly membership is $235.00 recurring and the conversion rate is 1 and 8 over 12% of the people go premium. How can you beat that? You really can’t pass it up, you can earn while you learn and build other businesses on top of that for even more revenue. Pretty Awesome I Would Have To Say!

How Much Can You Earn? Here is a Few examples on their commissions calculator on the platform.

1. Example One Scenario

5 Referrals Per Day – 12% Upgrade Rate – 4 Month Average

Monthly Income $ 1,458.00 WOW just five referrals a day

2. Example Two Scenario

50 Referrals Per Day – 12% Upgrade Rate – 6 month Average

Monthly Income: $ 22,398.00 How Could You Say No To That Monthly Income?

For most of us that would be a dream Income to take care of our families but with over 4 billion people that go online searching daily on the internet in the whole world just think what you’re Income would be if you referred 200 per day the possibility is endless, and all of this could happen you just have to join Wealthy Affiliate and start your Journey as an affiliate marketer.

No scams no credit card required to join that’s how you know Wealthy Affiliate is legit. Join as a free starter member or if you want more join as a premium member. What is great about that is join as a starter member and if you like it then Upgrade To Premium and get more in-depth training and more websites and again your first month is discounted at $19.00

Well it’s time to wrap this article up for the day and I hope you check Wealthy Affiliate out.

Thank You for stopping bye and if you have any questions or comments please leave them at the bottom of this page and I will get back with you.

Thank You,

Dorrie H.

Until Next Time

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  1. again thank you for all the information you are providing people on how to build and start a business very informative

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