Creating A Blog Site Free

Today you have stopped at the perfect place. No more searching and dealing with being frustrated trying to find a place to create your very own blog and website. Read this article, Creating A Blog Site Free, yes I said free. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. That’s how sure I am your searching and worries are over because again it’s all at no cost.

To get started there is this amazing and awesome platform that you can learn to blog and write content and build your very own niche website all for free. It is still after 18 years the number one place to learn and start your personal blog and niche website and build a business of your very own for years to come. This place is called Wealthy Affiliate and for the rest of this article I will be referring to it as (WA).

How To Create A Blog Free

I will be explaining to you step by step what WA offers you all at no cost, and I will explain to you how to create a blog free.

First things first you will need a website builder, and this platform will build you the number one WordPress theme website in thirty seconds, you will receive one free website install, top of the line cloud hosting and you need hosting to have your blog website up and running live to the world.

Site speed and you need this for people when they come to your blog website to have your blog load fast because if it is slow they will leave your site, website security you need this so your website won’t be hacked and ruined, WordPress theme, this is going to be the design of what your site looks like and where you run everything.

Join Here Free Starter Membership

You will also need training and support to help you every step of the way in creating a blog and website for years to come. Don’t be scared or worried that you don’t know the first thing about any of this or you don’t understand what I’m talking about fully just keep reading and then sign up to WA and your brand new journey of the online world being a blogger and owning your own business and website will begin.

I’m so excited for you, WA is where I started my journey as well and of course if you’re reading this article and are on my website it is from WA and I had know knowledge of anything when I started so if I can do it you can too.

Alright let’s get back to where I was, this is about you not me. I just wanted you to realize that you can do this and much more at WA, and you will receive everything I mentioned as a free starter member just for signing up all at know cost to you.

WA will train you how to create a blog free on your very own personal blog platform they have set up a template and a template is what you used to write your blog on they made it very easy really all you need to do is fill in the blanks on what you have to write.

It also comes with a duplicate content checker and a spell checker to correct your grammar if need be, it also comes with thousands of images right on your personal blog to publish to your website all at no cost. It comes with SEO research tool called Jaxxy right on the platform this tool is used for keywords, brainstorming, Alphabet Soup, don’t worry if you don’t know what this is but you will be training on this as well. This is an important tool you will be using to get ranked on the search engines. As, a free starter member you get thirty free uses a month.

Create A Blog Site Free

Wealthy Affiliate is going to train and teach you step by step on how to use SEO search engine optimization and what this means and you will want to pay close attention to this in writing a blog for your business and website, because it can start earning you a great income by doing this.

So when you create a blog site free you will need people to come to your blog and website, because if you don’t have people coming to your site well you really don’t have anything, you will just be basically writing for yourself. The training program will teach you how to gain authority and trust to your blog and website to bring organic traffic, people to your business.

You want your website to rank in the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo to have visitors to come to your website. The more visitors you bring to your blog and website the more trust you gain and when people trust your site you will start to earn a very nice income for years to come.

Let’s refresh for a minute so just to sign up as a free starter member you get 1 website builder, 1 free website install, cloud hosting, WordPress theme, Security, site speed fast, 10 entrepreneur certification lessons, 10 affiliate boot camp lessons, Two Classrooms, Jaxxy SEO research tool, walk through video training, support, all for free just to sign up and you can do that here.

Join Here Premium Membership

That is pretty awesome isn’t it? There is still so much more, I’m going to explain the premium membership now and at a low monthly cost of just 49.00 you get TEN websites and hosting, plus more in depth training and as a premium member you will receive just for signing up as premium a few bonuses to start.

You receive me as your personal coach your first month is discounted at 19.00 dollars you get access to the owners Kyle and Carson, you get live weekly webinar from the pro’s, 13 Classrooms, 70 affiliate boot camp lessons, 50 entrepreneur certification lessons, so it is also cool with ten websites you can create ten different blogs to provide you with even more income.

Right on the platform you can earn money while you are learning and that can pay for your premium membership and it can also earn you a full time income. Well my friends I’m going to wrap this up for today and I hope you go check wealthy Affiliate out you won’t regret signing up and joining this program and an amazing community to help you along your journey.

If you have any questions please leave them at the bottom and I will definitely get back with you and I hope to see you on WA platform especially as a premium member because you will receive me as your one on one personal coach and much more happy blogging.

Thank You,

Dorrie H

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