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Hello everyone, I’m Dorrie and this is my website how to build a website free, and if your looking to do just that you came to the right place. I’m going to be giving you a link and some awesome information about Creating Blog Site Free.

Let me start with this crazy learning platform called Wealthy Affiliate University. This is where you can create a blog site for free. What you will be creating is a website with a WordPress theme that has a blog set up right on it.

The theme is where you will be publishing all your blogs you write to it and your WordPress theme comes with everything you need to design and creating blog site free. It comes with an SEO plugin, Kraken plug-in, classic editor plugin already installed, plus 10,000 add-ons you can add to it and no you don’t have to pay for any of this, it’s all at no cost if you join as a free starter member.

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You will get to experience the amazing website builder to create your website in 30 seconds, you get one free install and Site Rubix. Com domain when you join. Also, you get a duplicate content checker, personal blog, top of the line cloud hosting to have your website up and running live globally.

When you sign up as a free member you also get this awesome SEO research tool, it’s called Jaxxy. I’m going to explain this tool real quick and what it’s used for and why it is so important when writing your blogs and content.

Jaxxy Tool

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, keywords when you are writing blogs or articles to get them ranked in the search engines google, yahoo and bing you need to search for keywords to get your blogs and content Indexed in these search engines.

Why you need to be doing this is because if you’re not searching for keywords and your content or blogs you’re writing is not getting Indexed in the search engines then basically you’re wasting your time writing.

For example the title of my article Creating Blog Site Free, I used Jaxxy research tool to find the keywords so it can get Indexed in google, yahoo and bing.

So someone in the search engines typed these words into the search bar and google sent you to this article, what that means is the search engines are sending organic traffic, (people) to my website using those keywords and the more traffic you get the better the search engines rank you’re blogs and websites which starts giving your website and articles authority and places you better in the search engines and in return more traffic to your website and then you will start earning income from all the traffic you are getting that is why this research tool Jaxxy is so important.

When you join as a starter member you get 30 uses a month, if you want more websites ten to be exact you can join for a small monthly fee and your first month as a premium member is 19.00 and then 49.00 monthly after that and you also get the Jaxxy research tool Unlimited uses and more in depth training, and information to build more websites and that means even more income.

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Create Blog Site Free

OK now are you ready for some more information? Create blog site free, when you create your site I mentioned earlier about plugins so the three that are already installed in your theme are:

1. All in one SEO: out of the box for WordPress, features like, SEO for custom post types, XML site map, SEO e-commerce sites, SEO for Blogs or business sites, and much more, More than 50 million downloads since 2007.

2. Classic Editor: this enables WordPress classic editor and old-style edit post screen with TinyMCE, Meta Boxes, etc. Supports plug-ins that extend this screen.

3. Kraken Image Optimizer: this tool is used to smush your images to fit your website when you upload them on to it automatically the WordPress theme has everything you need to create blog site free.

These three plug-ins are already for you when you pick your theme as a starter member you receive one theme free. Premium you get to choose from over 4,000 free when you sign up as a premium membership plus on both starter, and premium your site speed, hosting, site security come with both of these. Starter member site speed is fast and premium your site speed on all your sites that you can create up to ten right on WA’s platform are all Extreme.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the slightest clue of what I’m talking about I was there once as well, but you get to learn all of this amazing stuff step by step and as a premium member you will get me as your personal coach, plus a huge community of the same people learning and building their businesses right along with you and if you need any help 24/7 just ask and they are there to help from experienced entrepreneurs that have built an amazing online business earning six figure incomes to newborns like yourself, so no need to worry we will all be there just go check wealthy affiliate out, you will love it!

Creating a blog website free, I know this is an exciting but scary step to take but if you really want to start your own niche blog and you’re very own business and website than WA is the place for you.

Why wouldn’t you check it out as a starter member it is all for free and you can decide if this is the place for you and I know it will be, but you don’t have anything to lose because it is all at no cost to you. Again if you want more than Upgrade to a premium member and start ten businesses of your very own for a small monthly fee.

Well my friends it time to leave you for the day and if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section and your email and I will get back with you and I hope to see you at WA with me as your coach.

Thank You,

Dorrie H.

Until Next Time

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