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Hi everyone today I’m going to be talking about Free Website Creations. The main topic how you can create your own website for free yes I said free. Pretty cool don’t you think? I will explain where you can create your own website, how you can create your own website, and all the goodies that go with it.

Creating Your Niche

Step one in creating your niche, this is going to be on anything you are passionate about. It is going to be the brand of your website and the foundation of your business, so make sure you’re passionate about your niche. Here is an example of some topics, but you choose your own to make it yours.

Let’s say you love flowers and you want to have a flower business, here is where your niche would come in. There are how many different types of flowers in the world, tens of thousands right maybe even millions. Well what you want to do is narrow it down to a certain type of flower or flowers, something unique that you know something about.

I will take roses for example, what’s cool about this is you can narrow this down even further, to let’s say rainbow roses, or black roses, or blue roses. I probably could go on for a while, so I hope your starting to understand what I’m talking about by narrowing it down to something unique, you will go a lot farther in a business if it’s more specific and different from what everyone else is doing or very few.

You will have a more productive business and bring more revenue in by following these examples on breaking down your niche because this is going to be your brand. Now that you have picked out your niche it’s time to create your website.

Free Website Creation Programs

It’s time to find out where we can get free website creation programs. I have to tell you where you can find everything for free to create your website. This amazing place (drum roll) is called Wealthy Affiliate.

==>Click Here And You Will Begin Your Journey At Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Program

Free yes I said free:1- Free starter member this includes all free, a free website domain called (your website name Site, it also comes with free hosting, site security and speed, generate press theme free, then your customize it any way you want to design it, word press, free keyword search tools free thirty uses a month, training 7 lessons, site builder this literally builds your website in 30 seconds and all of this is free when you sign up and doesn’t cost one sent.

2- Premium 49.00 monthly you get 10 free websites, hosting unlimited keyword search tool, 50 lessons entrepreneurs certification 70 boot camp affiliate lessons, live webinars weekly training free

3- yearly member 495.00 you receive everything premium and also get a free domain dot com 14.00 value 100 credits to buy domains, site feedback or whatever you choose to use them on. It also adds up to a 2-month free discount if you pay a yearly membership. Site support 24/7 access, jaxxy research tool, community to answer any questions at any time and live chat. There is so much more,

Again as a starter member it is free take a look for yourself.

Now here is where you get to build your website. We left off with you picked your niche, you now know where to go to create your free website, now it’s time to create it.

You pick your niche and this will be your website name, then register it on the free Site platform, pick your theme, then hit build your website and literally your website is up and running in 30 seconds with live hosting free, and now it time to create, design, and customize for free as a starter member all you have to do is sign up.

Now the fun part starts you get to see your business come to life right before your eyes for free.

Tools on wealthy affiliate platform

-Site Builder

-Keyword Research


-Free Site

-Free Hosting

-Site Support 24/7 Access

-Themes 1 Free Starter Member, Premium/Yearly Member Over 4000 themes free

-Live Chat and Live Weekly Webinars, From the pros

-50 Entrepreneur Certifications lessons as premium and Yearly Member,

– 70 Bootcamp Affiliate lessons Premium and Yearly Member

-Jaxxy Tool

-Templates to write content and blogs

Wow is right check it all out for yourself amazing place Wealthy Affiliate and the support the community gives you and helps you answer any questions give advice and encouragement, truly is an amazing, inspirational place to join.

There is so much more I could be here a long time, so I am going to wrap this article up but I just want to stress there is no other place like this true and honest people to help you build a business from the ground up and be with you and supportive every step of the way, there is no way to fail well I guess there is and that is if you don’t try this out and put your work in building your business that would be the only way.

My guess is if you are still reading this you don’t think you could pass this offer up either and I guarantee it’s not a scam you really get a free website and hosting and much more free it’s your choice. What are you going to choose and what can you lose absolutely nothing cause you can start this for free and never have to ever pay a cent check it out.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you give Wealthy Affiliate a try if you have any I mean any questions or comments please leave them below and I will definitely get back to you and thank you again for your time I hope you make the right choices.

Thank You

Dorrie H.

Until Next Time.

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  1. Wow I can’t believe I get all this at no cost again I signed up for wealthy affiliate and starting my future starting my own business there it’s a wonderful place and it’s teaching me everything to become an entrepreneur I’m happy I joined thank you again

    1. Thank you Diesel for coming to my website and I’m so happy for you wealthy affiliate is an amazing place and a great learning platform I hope your journey is very successful and if you need anything let me no

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