How To Build My Own Website For Free

Why WA is the best learning platform and training platform in the world. They have been number one for the last eighteen years and counting. No other platform in the world has what WA offers for free and as a premium member for that matter! How to build my own website for free can you really build one for free? Yes you can at Wealthy Affiliate, but not only can you build one for free, they teach you how to and train you how to build a profitable business for years to come.

Price $0.00 starter member

WA let’s you build a website and gives you lessons on how to start a business of your own. They provide you with a website builder and a WordPress theme. With a free starter member they also provide you with Site Speed (Fast) and Security and cloud hosting all at no cost plus much, much more, as a free starter member you can take a look at the chart of everything you get at no cost not even a credit card is required that is how free it is. All you need to do is sign up and you get all of this for free.

How can you beat that, no tricks, no scams, it is all LEGIT! Try it out and see what you think of it.



Premium Membership: for a low monthly cost at $49.00 you get so much more.

For people who already have a website you can move yours to the hosting here and build 10 more websites for the price you are paying alone for hosting. You can join WA as a premium member build more businesses and move your existing business over to WA platform for a low monthly cost and get everything you see on the chart with the premium membership, and just with a click of a button move your website over to WA it’s that easy.

For your first month as a bonus it’s discounted at $19.00 and you get me as your personal coach. All of your websites are hosted, plus site speed is Extreme and security, you get Jaxxy research tool right on the platform it comes with Site Rankings, SEO Research Tool, Brainstorming, and Alphabet Soup.

If you don’t know what this is they provide step by step training and walk through videos that will teach and train you on what this is and how to use it. This tool is a big must when building a business and writing content for your website.

It teaches you how to bring organic traffic to your website and become an authoritative website to rank in your search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Stop paying for traffic, the search engines frown on that and dock your rankings for that, WA teaches you how to become authoritative naturally by writing content that ranks and gets Indexed in the search engines and brings you tons of traffic the right way and it will save you money you won’t have to pay for traffic it will all come naturally by writing great quality content, and it will earn you more money building trust with your readers and selling your products.


Affiliate Marketer How To Build My Own Website For Free

WA trains and teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer step by step. You will learn how to write content and promote other people’s products and earn commissions from those products.
I have seen countless videos on YouTube and websites on how to earn money in five minutes to this much amount in one hour. I’m sorry it doesn’t work like that you have to put in the work and have your own website to promote these people’s products let alone your own products to create a profitable business.

They also teach you how to engage with your audience and promote your website with social media networks to bring traffic to your business to sell your products and make even more commissions.

Your Own Products

If you want to design and create your own products you are trained on this as well, how to promote and build your business around your products you want to sell. How to bring traffic to your website and write content promoting your own products.
How To build your very own niche website. You can sell your own products or their are millions of affiliate programs that already have products you can join and promote their products and earn commissions from them in your own niche business.


There are so many ways to earn money and start a business of your own and WA teaches you how to do all of this.

Any way you look at it they will teach you how to build a profitable business for years to come, you can’t lose by joining as a free starter member or a premium member you get the training and websites and everything you need to start a business all on one amazing platform.


How To Build My Own Website For Free

You can build an amazing profitable website for free all it takes is for you to sign up you can either click on the blue link that says join here or any of the pictures click on them and it will take you to the sign up page to start your journey in the online world of business.
Again as a reminder if you sign up as a premium member you get the first month discounted as a bonus for $19.00 and you get me as your coach, I will be on the platform waiting to greet you and help you start your own business and website.
I hope you take that step and I know you will love it if you do. Why not have financial freedom and be able to work from home or anywhere you choose to work from and have an amazing life and financial security for the rest of your life.

Well my friends I hope to see you on WA platform and if you have any questions or comments please leave them at the bottom of this article and I will definitely get back with you.

Thank You,

Dorrie H.

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