Is Creating A Blog Free

Hi Everyone, are you wanting to create a blog for free? Well you came to the (write) right place my friends. Maybe your not sure how to start one or maybe you have already started one and are paying for your blog either way I’m positively sure I can help you out. You might be thinking how much does it cost to start blogging or is creating a blog free and if yes where can I start a blog for free?

These are great questions and I can answer all of them for you. Let’s start with is creating a blog free? The answer to this is yes absolutely free, and if you’re paying somewhere to have your own blog you should stop because you are getting taken advantage of.

Creating A Blog For Free

Creating a blog for free is not only free, but you can start earning an income blogging. How awesome is that? Well I will tell you how awesome it is. I have found this amazing place to start your journey as a blogger. Not only that but this amazing place offers you just for signing up a free website.
Not only a free website, it’s a free WordPress website with state-of-the-art website builder, state-of-the-art cloud hosting, personal blog website with a WordPress theme, one free website install and instructions step by step plus an awesome learning and training platform to help you along the way as a free starter member.

The place that offers all of this and more is at Wealthy Affiliate. This is not a SCAM, check out the BBB Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for 18 years and still one of the best places in the world going strong. That is how great their platform is teaching you everything you need to know to start your very own blog and a website to start a business of your own absolutely free.

Why wouldn’t you join all the training in the world you will ever need all for free. Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone students, beginners, well-established Entrepreneurs, some of them have been here for 15 years and still on the platform making 6 figure incomes and their (their) to help you along the way if you sign up as a premium member for a low monthly cost you can have ten websites and more in depth training and as a special bonus you get me as a coach you will receive a discount on your first month at 19.00 and then after that it is 49.00 monthly but that is only if you want more.

Join Here Free Starter

As a free starter member you can start your very own business, website and blog. There is absolutely no credit card required, that’s how free it is again if you want more join as a premium you will get private access to the owners and an amazing community of two million members of like-minded entrepreneurs and bloggers and businesses owners to help you along the way. Plus 10 WordPress websites, cloud hosting, Dual Servers, lightening Site Speed, an amazing Security package, in-depth training to become an entrepreneur and an affiliate marketer.

Very own niche website or websites which ever you choose as a starter member or a premium member. Anything you imagine you want to do or become they train you step by step and a premium membership is cheaper than a cup of coffee a day, but like I said earlier as a free starter member join and you will receive one free Site domain, free website install, free site builder, WordPress theme free, and training, walk through videos, Two Classrooms, no other company offers all this at no cost.

Join Here Premium

What are you waiting for? If you know nothing about blogging don’t worry they train you with this as well, you have your own personal blog, they have templates for writing, it’s so easy all you basically have to do is fill in the blanks even a baby could do it. They provide you with SEO research tool called Jaxxy, Duplicate Content Checker right on the platform, Spell Checker, images to add to your blog all for free.

I had never written anything in my life before I found Wealthy Affiliate and if you’re reading this now that is exactly where I was taught everything from is Wealthy Affiliates platform and training and I created this website as well.

Creating Blog Free

Here is free tips, Creating Blog Free, a lot of this information I’m going to give free before you even sign up that people charge thousands for to teach. I’m going to give you free information on some SEO training and why this is so important.
SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization, what this is when you start a business, your website and any article or blog out their, you have to learn SEO.


Why? Because google, bing and yahoo, your search engines rank your website and your blogs, they do this because if you start anything on the web you want to be ranked so that people known as traffic come to your website and the more people that come to your website the more income you earn the more your website and blog gain authority with these search engines. The more authority you have the better your position is when you go to these search engines and that’s what you want is people coming to your blog and website because if they don’t then you don’t have anything.

Wealthy Affiliate trains how to do all of this and again if you sign up as a premium member you will get me as your personal one on one coach and I will be their if you need any help. I will also give you the in depth training on SEO and you will be off and running and earning an income blogging on your very own website and business. Really how could you pass this up?

Well my friends I will have to let you go for now I hope to see you on the platform at Wealthy Affiliate with me as your coach and for you as a blogger and business owner. If you have any questions at all or comments please leave them at the bottom of this article,

Thank You,

Dorrie H.

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