What Is A Keyword Search Tool

Today I want to explain to you What Is A Keyword Search Tool and show you this awesome search tool that in my opinion is the best out their.

A Keyword Search Tool is a tool you use to find keywords to write content. Everyday people search the World Wide Web for different reasons, like maybe they want to buy something or for information on an illness or they ask the internet what something means. The list goes on what people search for and use the internet for.

The search engines keep track of what people are asking or searching for on the internet. When we type whatever it is we are asking or looking for in the search engines those are keywords.

When we are starting a business website or blog website or any website we need to bring people to our website, because if we don’t have people coming to our site then their is no point in having a website.

There’s a few ways you can bring traffic to your websites, the first way is to pay for traffic and ads and advertising, but that all costs us money.

The second way is to bring free organic traffic to your website and as business owners we are trying to earn money not pay out money.

This is where a keyword research tool comes into play and it’s a very important tool to have and use for your business from a new business starting out to an already striving business.

A keyword research tool will help you find keywords to write articles, content, blogs, reviews, etc., to bring free organic traffic to your website and get ranked and indexed in the search engines.

For example we will use the title of this article, you typed into the search engine what is a keyword search tool and it brought you to my article, and it brought traffic (meaning people) to my website by searching for this topic and this is what we are aiming for when we write content and search for keywords and this is also what I mean when I use the term free organic traffic. I didn’t have to pay for advertisements or ads or traffic I accomplished it by using a keyword research tool and searching for keywords to write my article around.

This is the number one way to bring traffic to your website without having to empty our pockets paying out the butt for advertising.

Now I’m going to talk about this amazing research tool called Jaaxy it is the number one keyword search tool out their. This tool will help you find the best keywords to use to write your articles and it will help you get your articles ranked on the first pages of the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing and in return this will bring you tons of organic traffic to your websites.

Your main goal in writing your articles is to write quality information for your readers and to help them solve their problems and answer their questions, you always want to provide excellent information to your viewers and in return they will keep coming back to your website.

Pros and cons


There’s no software downloads to deal with, when you sign up to Jaaxy it’s ready for you to use.

Literally after putting your keywords in the keyword search bar you will have lists of keywords in seconds

This research tool has everything you will need to stay ahead of your competition

It will save all your keywords you search for, if you want to save them


There are no cons with this amazing search tool it’s like having super powers every thing you will ever need in a research tool.

Jaaxy research tool will help you stay ahead of your competitors and keep you their. This tool offers you so many features to search for keywords and write articles and rank in the search engines.

Here is a list of everything that Jaaxy has to offer you. Site Rank, My Keyword Lists, Alphabet Soup, Brainstorm HQ, Affiliate Programs, Niche keyword list, and Search Analysis.

This tool will show you articles of competitors that you can learn from and then write it better, when you put your keywords in the search bar within seconds you will have lists of keywords to use and write your articles with.

It will tell you the average monthly traffic you will receive to your website if your articles rank on the first pages of the search engines, it also let’s you know how many websites you are competing with on those same keywords, if they are great to use or if they are poor keywords and not to use them.

This tool will give you more ideas to use as keywords and write articles with, their is so many features this tool comes with and can help you with to bring organic traffic and business to your website.

If you are looking for a keyword research tool than Jaaxy is the tool for you. Here is a link to Check out my review on Jaaxy and if you sign up to Jaaxy you will receive 30 Searches free to try out and see if you like it.

Jaaxy Review Link Click Here

I hope you see how important it is to have a research tool for your business again if we don’t have traffic to our business their is no point in having a business.

I thank you for reading this article and if you have any questions please leave them at the bottom of this page and I will get back with you.

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Again thank you and until next time,

Dorrie H.

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