What Is Search Engine Optimization Tools

Today I will be explaining what SEO tools are and why you absolutely need them to make your business profitable and get your articles Indexed and rank in the search engines. Read this article What Is Search Engine Optimization Tools and you will understand why and what you need these tools for and I hope by the end I will have answered any questions you may have and if you have more you can leave me a comment or question and I will get back to you.

What Is Search Engine Optimization Tools

Keywords are the most important element for (SEO) traffic. Keywords bring visitors to your website meaning that you get buyers for your products and earn an income, it’s the main key in running and operating a profitable business.

An (SEO) tool is the best way to stay ahead of your competition and keep you there and that is what we are trying to do as business owners.

So what is search engine optimization tools? SEO it’s a process in growing quantity plus quality of organic (free) traffic to your websites through search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing results.

Jaaxy Research Tool Review

Owners Kyle and Carson of wealthy affiliate created this amazing research tool called Jaaxy and in this review I will be going through step by step what this tool has to offer you. It is the best research tool out there today and again very important in any online business you are in.

Jaaxy Research Tool

This is a list of all the features Jaaxy has,

Site Rank: 100 out of 100, this feature checks where your site is ranking in the search engines so if you’re not ranking you can make adjustments in your content to get ranked and the higher you rank the more traffic you get to your website.

Keyword Search: 100 out of 100, this feature helps you find keywords to write your articles, content, blogs, etc. it tells you what the keywords you are searching for that bring organic traffic to your website. This is one of the most important features to use because it lets you know if the keyword is great to use and how many people are searching online for that particular keyword and how many people you are competing with on that keyword to try and help you get your content ranked on the first page of the search engines.

Alphabet Soup: 100 out of 100, this feature is awesome it helps you to find information on articles and keywords you may want to use from A-Z. You will have an endless stream of ideas to write your articles with.

Brainstorm: 100 out of 100, this is another feature that helps you to come up with ideas to help write your articles around and to find keywords to use for your niche.

Keyword Lists: 100 out of 100, this feature is amazing it saves all your keywords you want and when your done you can keep them for future help or delete them.

Affiliate Programs: 100 out of 100, this feature you can search for affiliate programs to join and Jaaxy has its own affiliate program you can promote and make excellent commissions from.

Search Analysis: 100 out of 100, this feature helps you to analyze your competition and discover SEO trends this will get you ahead of the competition and keep you there.

Price: Jaaxy offers 30 free uses for 0.00, sign up here and try it out

Premium: 49.00 monthly

Enterprise 99.00 monthly

Click Here Jaaxy Research Tool Sign Up

There is so many ways to use Jaaxy Research Tool to beat your competitors and that is the most important beating our competition. The second is writing great quality content and searching for those keywords to get Indexed and rank in the search engines to bring organic traffic to our websites and find domain names to get our websites Indexed in the search engines.

There is know better tool at your disposal especially when you can try Jaaxy for free with 30 free uses. Sure there is other research tools out there but they only let you use them for seven days and some even charge you for those 7 days.

I will explain what each one means real quick and than you will be on your way to a profitable business.

Jaaxy will give you data within seconds on:

Avg: this is your monthly searches for the keywords you are researching for, it lets you know how many times someone typed that keyword in the search engines for the month.

Traffic: this is the monthly traffic you will bring to your website for that keyword if your article lands on the first page of the search engines.

QSR: this tells us how many sites that are out there using this exact keyword and when searching for keywords the lower this number is the better because that means less competition, and gives you a better chance of making it on page one of the search engines.

KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator, red being poor yellow is OK green is excellent this is the color you want if it’s green than it is great to use as a keyword.

SEO: this lets you know if your keyword is great to use. Your SEO score ranges from 1-100 and anything over 90 is amazing, you want this number to be high the higher this number is the better and you will receive a good amount of visitors to your website ranking high for your SEO, score and this is what you are aiming for.

Domain: this lets you know if the domains are available for these keywords you are searching for and if they are available you can purchase them and rank in the search engines for your domain and get it Indexed.

Related: this will give you a list of different suggestions to use for your keywords and help you find excellent new ideas that you can use for the keywords you are searching for.

If you want to start a profitable business and create a website Jaaxy is the tool for you. This tool can be used for brand new businesses to already striving businesses to get even more organic traffic to your websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Program and Jaaxy

For anyone that wants to start a business and you can start one for free yes I said free, sign up to wealthy affiliate as a free starter member and create your very own niche website and start your very own business at no cost to you and if you sign up to wealthy affiliate Jaaxy research tool is right on the platform for you to use as a free starter member you get 30 searches free.

If you sign up as a premium member to wealthy affiliate for a small monthly fee you get 10 websites, lesson and the best training in the world on how to become a successful entrepreneur and affiliate marketer and for no extra cost you get Jaaxy lite right on the platform with unlimited keyword researches and a few bonus’s come with it as well. Your first bonus is your first month as premium is discounted at $19.00 and your second bonus you get me as your coach. You can check it out right here click this link to sign up to wealthy affiliate. 

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If you don’t need any training and just need an awesome research tool than just click the link to sign up to Jaaxy research tool, you won’t be disappointed. If you want to start a business and get a free website and training sign up to wealthy affiliate as a free starter member.

Build a profitable business for yourself for years to come and use Jaaxy to help make your website and business successful. I hope you received great information from this review and if you have any questions please leave them at the bottom of this article and I will get back with you.

Thank You,

Dorrie H.

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