How To Work From Home With A Website

Hi everyone, do you want to learn how to build your own niche website and how to work from home with a website? In this article you will learn both. How to work from home and build your own niche website and start earning an income.

What is so awesome about this you can start all of this at no cost and I will explain this as well. I bet your excited and you should be, I’m excited for you too!

Let’s jump right into things. To be able to work from home and have your own website is actually very easy to do today. It wasn’t very easy about 15 years ago, but with how far and fast technology has come it is very simple.

What you do need to know up front is the work you have to put into building a profitable business for years to come, if that is what you are looking for then this is for you.

There is so many scams today on the internet and we have to be careful of what we choose to sign up to, and what I’m trying to do is to help people not get scammed and find a real place to start their own business and learn how to make an income online.

Building Your Website

First before you build your website you will want to pick a niche and you will want to be very passionate about it. Why you may ask? Because this is what your going to be building your business and brand around. You will also be writing your articles, blogs and reviews, so being passionate about your niche is very important.

Next you will be choosing a domain name for your business and this should be close to or exactly the same as your niche.

Now that you have your niche and domain name it’s time to build your website. This platform I’m going to be introducing you to has a website builder right on their platform and it will build a WordPress website up and running live to the world in under one minute.

I do have proof for you, watch this video and see for yourself, website builder in under a minute.

Build WordPress website in under one minute

Alright now that you have your website built, how can you start earning an income and work from home? You will need to start getting your business and brand out their for people to start visiting your website and potentially becoming a paying customer.

What’s awesome about the information I’m going to be sharing with you is free and what I mean by this is you don’t have to pay for traffic or ads that can break your bank account.


Search engine optimization, this will bring people to your website for free. It’s called organic traffic, when you start writing your blogs, articles and reviews you will need to search for keywords to write your content around. The right keywords will get your articles ranked in the search engines and when this happens it brings free traffic to your websites and potentially paying customers.

This is what every business owner is striving for, because if you don’t get traffic to your website then their really is no point in having a website.

So if you are ready to start your own business and start working from the comfort of your own home, then here is where you can start and you can start all of this at no cost to you, no credit card required. This awesome place I’m talking about is wealthy affiliate university.

You can check out my review and to get started on their platform all you need to do is provide an email address and then you will be on the platform and then you will fill out your profile. Once that is done you will receive 10 free lessons, one WordPress website, one website builder, one free WordPress theme, one free domain Site Rubix and it comes with hosting, site speed and security plus more.

I will let you check everything out and if you love it come back and leave me a comment or if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them for you.

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You can start a business and work from home doing almost anything one of the easiest ways to is by affiliate marketing because you can join an affiliate program and sell other people’s products and earn commissions. You advertise their products on your website write reviews and use keywords to bring free organic traffic to your website and when they want to purchase a product from your site they will hit your link you provided and you get that commission.

You can open an e-commerce site and sell products or make your own and sell them, their is so many ways to work from home and wealthy affiliate can teach you all of it. The training platform is one of the best in the world and it is global.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I really urge you to check out this platform and sign up as a starter member and get your free site and start your own business and work from home. Live your dreams and be financially successful and free.

Until Next Time,

Dorrie H.

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