What Is The Top Search Engine

Hello everyone, today in this article What Is The Top Search Engine, I will be talking about search engines and ranking factors. An internet search engine is a software system created to carry out your internet searches and it means to search the World Wide Web for information you searched for in a search engine.

Your search results can come in different forms (SERPs) Search Engine Result Pages, like Videos, Research Pages, Articles, Images, Infographics, Web Pages and other files.

The top search engine is Google coming in at 92.62% google handles more than 5.4 billion searches every day. Google comes in 149 languages, they launched in 1997, twenty-three years ago and about 60% of searches now come from mobile devices.

Few Tips On Google

If you, don’t have your websites mobile friendly your websites will be ranked lower and you could lose a lot of business, so make sure it is mobile friendly.

Make sure when you write content that it is quality information you will be penalized for misinformation and duplicate content and google search console helps check your websites for duplicate content.

Search engine optimization is the number one way to bring visitors to your website and web pages. It’s organic traffic free not paid for. A website will get more visitors from the search engines when your website gets ranked higher from SERP, Search Engine Result Page.

The visitors can possibly become customers, this is where your keywords come in and you can find great keywords to use with a keyword research tool to help you with getting your website ranked in the search engines and your content and this is how you will bring organic traffic to your websites.

You can read my article What Is Search Engine Optimization Tools, the article explains what it is and I recommend a great tool to use. If you, click on the blue that is the link to my article.

Google is the top search engine and then their is Bing and Yahoo. If, can get your content ranked on the first pages of these search engines you will get a great amount of visitors to your website and your website will start ranking higher in the search engines and as business and website owners that is what we are aiming for.

What Is Search Engine Ranking

Ranking factors in the search engines, so what is search engine ranking? We will start with the top search engine Google. This is where you want your website and content you write to get ranked on the first pages of the search engines. There is a process in rank factors and that is what I will be talking about.

You start a website and google will index it, next you start writing content for your website and you publish an article then google crawls your content to see what your article is about and if it is excellent quality content google indexes it, finally when people search for a topic on the internet it will match them with your article and your website gets ranked in SERP, and when it’s quality you get ranked on the first pages of the search engine.

Rank Factors In Google

High quality back links are one of the most important rank factors for website ranking, trustworthy sites, authoritative sites, and expertise are all important ranking factors. Page speeds and your users experience all play a role in ranking and having your website mobile friendly.

Linking to quality sites, Images, Infographics and videos can help your articles, internal linking helps it. Internal linking is linking from one of your articles to another one of your articles and legal information, all of these help with your rank factors in the search engines.

SEO Factors are great crawl able sites quality plus quantity links and content again speed of your website and make sure your site works on all devices, (CTR) Click Through Rate, make sure your content is yours not duplicate always make it unique fresh content and make sure it solves your customers problems and again make sure your honest and you will have an awesome website and business. Little note to keep in mind most users don’t go past the first pages of their search on the internet, so make sure you use all these factors in getting ranked in the search engines.


There is so many things we need to keep up on in the business world and the internet. To have a striving business and website we need to practice these ranking factors in on a daily basis and also we always need to make our content fresh and always make it your own and unique and you will definitely be able to rank in the search engines and bring valuable information to your readers and possibly turn them into customers.

I thank you for reading my article and if you have any questions please leave them at the bottom of this page and I will get back with you.

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